Oxford Driving Instructor Lesson Tips

When you are learning to drive in the Oxford area, there are a huge amount of factors to consider such as the cost of driving lessons, the time frame, the reputation of the company you use, and the style of instructor that you require. As part of the learning process there is an immense amount of information to digest.Check out today’s Driving Lesson Prices in Oxford here.

Driving Lesson Tips: Highway Code and Driving Therory Test UK

For instance you will need to know by heart many sections of the Highway Code for the theory test. In addition there are many key pieces of information that you have to take on board in order to ensure that you are a safe, confident driver such as the Stopping Distances on your Theory Test.

Driving Lesson Tips: Listen To Your Driving Instructor

Of all the advice that you will be given while learning, there is one notable rule which will make the whole process goes as smoothly as is possible. That is; ‘Listen to your instructor’. The most common problem that driving instructors have with their pupils is that the learners sometimes think they know better.

Strange as it may seem, many people pay an instructor to teach them how to drive and then ignore some of the most basic instructions that they are given. This kind can compromise the whole learning process and result in making it impossible to pass a test.

The problem is even worse for people who have failed the test on at least one occasion. They often seem even more determined to do things their own way, which has already been proven wrong! Doing as the instructor tells you is a simple, but very effective rule, and once you abide by it then all other parts of the learning process will fall neatly in to place.

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