Refresher Driving Lessons/ Course Oxford, UK

Refresher Driving Course/ Lessons, Oxford – Automatic and Manual

LDA offer refresher driving courses (automatic and manual) for anyone who would like to update their driving skills, break bad habits, improve their driving techniques and reduce the risk of accident.

Driving is an essential part of family and working life for millions of people every day.   Due to the increased number of road users, it is much more challenging than it used to be. Road conditions may be very different to when you first passed your test. Our friendly, DSA approved instructors can help you to enjoy driving again by revisiting techniques to polish up your skills.

Are you in Need of a Refresher Driving Course in Oxford?

It is our belief that every driver would benefit from a refresher course in the same way that new drivers benefit from taking a pass plus course. We all pick up bad habits over time and most of us would actually fail our driving test if we were to take it again today.

  • The roads are more congested
  • Vehicles themselves have changed
  • There is a much greater emphasis on safety

You may wish to consider refresher driving courses if you-

Passed your test more years ago than you care to remember

Took a back seat while your husband did all the driving

Haven’t driven for years as work, school, shops are all in walking distance of your home

Have lived abroad for a long period of time

Took your test in another country

Passed your test but a there was a significant time-gap before you were able to get out on the road

Don’t enjoy driving any more

Feel nervous or intimidated in certain situations

Feel irritated and stressed after a morning commute or trip to the shops

What Will I Learn in Refresher Driving Lessons in Oxford?

A refresher driving course through LDA enables you to update your driving skills and to boost your confidence levels. You’ll revisit driving techniques with an experienced, qualified instructor. The driving instructor will point out any bad habits you may have picked up and help you rectify them.

Update your driving skills

Grow in confidence

Stop indecisiveness

Identify & rectify bad habits

Become a safer driver

Reduce the risk of accidents

Learn optimum driving techniques to reduce damage to your vehicle

Save money on worn gearboxes, brake pads, suspension

Find out how to be an energy efficient driver

Reduce carbon emissions

Save on Fuel Costs

The course will help you to become a safer, more competent driver, thus reducing the risk to yourself, passengers and other road users. Being relaxed, confident and safe on the road, means you’ll be able to finally enjoy driving again!

How Many Refresher Driving Lessons Will I Need in Oxford?

Our refresher driving courses normally consist of 6 hours of lesson time. Although, the number of lessons required may depend on the needs of the individual student. Some students are very anxious or nervous, others haven’t driven for a very long time, and some are international drivers who need to become accustomed to driving in the UK. With this in mind, courses at LDA can be tailored to each individual driver after undergoing an initial assessment by a professional instructor.

More Information about Automatic and Manual Refresher Driving Courses

For more information about our refresher driving courses in Oxford (automatic and manual), call us on 01865 722 148 or email [email protected]. Let’s get you back on the road with confidence!