Automatic Driving Lessons in Oxford

If you want to get in the car and not worry about gears, then an automatic car could be for you. Automatic driving is becoming increasingly popular as many drivers find that it is less stressful and easier to manage, especially for older people and those with disabilities. LDA’s automatic driving lessons in Oxford will enable you to master the art of driving an automatic car quickly and efficiently. By taking an automatic driving course with LDA you can learn to drive an automatic car in a relaxed and friendly environment. Our DSA approved driving instructors have helped learners pass their driving test with 30 hours or less of lessons – 15 hours less than the UK average. Book an automatic driving course in Oxford with LDA and you can enjoy learning to drive without the hassle of gears.

Learning to drive on an automatic car is become increasingly popular, as many drivers find it less stressful and easier. LDA’s automatic driving lessons in Oxford will enable you to master the art of driving an automatic car quickly and efficiently. Intensive automatic driving courses also mean that you’ll pass your test quickly. LDA provides a relaxed and friendly environment so that drivers on our intensive automatic driving courses or automatic driving lessons can get to test standard in 30 hours or less – 15 hours less than the UK average.
Automatic cars don’t have a clutch pedal or gear lever. There is a gear selector, and once you put the transmission into drive, everything else is automatic. You can select from the following gears: Park – which is when the car is stationary, Reverse, Neutral – which is the same as neutral on a manual gearbox and Drive. You can also choose first and second gears to override the system, for example when going down a steep hill.

The benefits of automatic driving lessons

There are many benefits of automatic driving lessons. When most people start driving learning how to accelerate, use the clutch pedal and gears together can be difficult. For others, it’s downright stressful. When you’re stressed you won’t be able to concentrate on other aspects of your driving such as road positioning, speed and steering. Older people and nervous drivers can also enjoy the benefits of automatic driving lessons. You can enjoy more confidence without the fear of stalling, and benefit from less distraction when driving so you can focus on the road instead of the complicated clutch and gear stick. Other benefits of automatic driving courses include passing your driving test more quickly, meaning that you’ll need fewer driving lessons so it will cost less.

Automatic driving lessons for nervous drivers

Automatic driving lessons for nervous drivers can be extremely useful. For anyone that’s failed their test multiple times, or drivers who get nervous behind the wheel, automatic driving lessons could be ideal. Without the added pressure of gears your progress will soar, and it will cost a lot less to get on the road. Automatic driving lessons for nervous drivers will also help you to learn to drive quickly and pass your driving test as soon as you feel ready, helping to improve your confidence before you start driving on your own.

Automatic driving lessons for seniors

LDA also offers a range of automatic driving courses for seniors. Older drivers may prefer to drive automatic cars, as they can be less tiring. If you live in a busy town or city, the constant stopping and starting when driving in traffic can be tiring and frustrating. In an automatic, you just need to concentrate on the road. If you’ve driven a clutch car all of your life but now need to change to an automatic, then book automatic driving lessons for seniors with LDA and we can see you transfer your skills quickly and easily. Automatic driving lessons can also be useful for people with restricted movement, or a disability, because of the difficulty they may have operating the clutch or gear stick.

Thinking about booking automatic driving lessons?

If you take your driving test in an automatic car you will only be legally allowed to drive an automatic car and this will be marked on your licence. The popularity of driving automatic cars varies by country – there is a preference for geared cars in Europe while most cars sold in America since the 1950s have been automatics. If you travel to the USA, or even Australia and New Zealand, and want to hire a car you may find that they are mostly automatic. It’s a good idea to take automatic driving lessons before you go so that you can be a confident driver when you get there.