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Read Google Reviews about LDA (Local Driving Academy) Oxford – a leading, multi award-wining driving school in Oxford, UK. Contact us for all you driving learning needs in Oxford and around. We specialise both in automatic and manual driving lessons.

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H. T.H. T.
02:32 02 Mar 24
I'm proud to say that I passed my manual test first time with ONE driver fault (aka minor), and that fault was a silly mistake rather than a systematic error.Sami was impressively patient, polite, and positive with me as he taught me from a total beginner to a confident qualified driver, not only ensuring that I have the skills to pass the test but also that I understand why each of these behaviours we are taught is going to improve the safety of myself and those around me on the road. All in all, a great teacher who genuinely wants to help you become a confident and safe driver.
Patrick MachadoPatrick Machado
11:55 01 Mar 24
Abed was a very patient and skilful instructor. He helped me pass first time after 30 hours of lessons. Even though I was some what nervous, he helped me calm my nerves with mock tests before the real exam. I would recommend Abed and LDA Driving School to anyone wanting to learn.
Dheraj SundarDheraj Sundar
14:44 28 Feb 24
🌟🚗 Shaz: The Maestro of Driving Instructors 🚗🌟Where do I even begin to praise the brilliance of Shaz as an impeccable driving instructor? Shaz isn't just good; he's phenomenal! From the moment I stepped into his car, I felt like I was embarking on a journey into driving mastery. His patience, kindness, and care elevate the learning experience to a whole new level.Now, let's address the elephant in the room: Shaz's sheer awesomeness. Not only is he a master of his trade, but he also possesses a knack for making the learning process enjoyable. His sense of humor lightens even the most stressful driving situations, turning them into memorable moments of laughter.Shaz doesn't just teach; he inspires. He goes the extra mile to ensure that I not only learn to drive but learn it the right way. His commitment to excellence is unwavering. If I made a mistake, he didn't just correct it; he ensured I perfected it to his high standard. And thanks to his belief in me, I aced my driving test with flying colours.But wait, there's more! Shaz's teaching methods are like a finely crafted work of art. It's as if he has a secret recipe for success, blending patience, expertise, and a sprinkle of magic to create confident drivers. His dedication to his craft is truly commendable.Let's talk about punctuality — Shaz is the epitome of it. He was always on time to pick me up, and if there was ever a delay due to traffic, he made sure to inform me promptly. His professionalism and reliability added an extra layer of comfort to each lesson.Even when I struggled to master certain maneuvers, he remained calm and encouraging. He never rushed through lessons; instead, he invested the time needed to ensure I truly understood and perfected each skill. His commitment to my success was unwavering, even if it meant lessons occasionally overran.Shaz didn't just make driving easy to learn; he made it enjoyable. His passion for teaching radiates through every lesson, making each session a pleasure. All praise to the whole of the LDA Academy, as I'm sure it's full of diamonds like Shaz.In conclusion, Shaz isn't just a driving instructor; he's a driving revolution. His passion, dedication, and genuine care for his students set him apart as a true driving maestro. I would recommend him beyond measure to anyone looking to master the art of driving.With sincere gratitude,Dheraj SundarP.S. If brilliance had a name, it would undoubtedly be Shazad. 🌟
Amy HolroydAmy Holroyd
08:22 28 Feb 24
I was lucky enough to have Shaz as an instructor and due to his patience and clear explanations I managed to pass first time. I would highly recommend.
Nour-Eddine QaouarNour-Eddine Qaouar
21:10 26 Feb 24
Maher is such an excellent instructor! I wouldn’t have obtained my full driving license first time without his support, honesty, and encouragement. He has been of massive help in acquiring the skills to drive safely and pass my test. I would recommend Local Driving Academy to anyone seeking a driving instructor that puts him/her at ease, builds confidence, and makes learning enjoyable and productive…..Can’t thank you enough for all that, Maher!Also, I would like to express my appreciative thanks to Osama, my first instructor, with whom I learnt a lot before I took my lessons with Maher. Thank you, Osama!
Marup HossainMarup Hossain
15:03 18 Feb 24
I couldn't be happier with my driving instructor, Aziza Elrashid. She not only helped me pass my exams but also significantly boosted my confidence through her customized directions and encouragement. Aziza possesses all the necessary tools to teach students everything about driving effectively, ensuring a deep understanding and confidence on the road. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a top-notch driving instructor.
koiki bolanlekoiki bolanle
02:53 16 Feb 24
It was a nice experience with LDA in general. I was not able to get a company that could fit into my time and location. But with LDA they were very flexible.I passed on my second trial with instructor Khadija. M. I am pleased to have met such a patient, professional, flexible, sincere, helpful and skilled instructor as she understood me and help meet my needs. She helped transformed me to a confident driver.Thanks for making my learning journey enjoyable and I am grateful for your guidance in teaching me the skills needed to become a safe driver.
Mateusz PogorzelskiMateusz Pogorzelski
15:49 13 Feb 24
It was a truly fantastic journey to learn to drive with Sami. He is an excellent, knowledgable and experienced instructor. His calm and methodical approach helped me a lot to get a good grasp of what driving safely means. I awaited lessons with anticipation and enjoyed every bit of driving with LDA. If you are planning taking your test in Oxford, LDA is a great choice. They will prepare you, make sure you are ready and once these boxes are ticked, you will pass easy as pie. Don't think twice, just sign up and start driving!
Md RumanMd Ruman
03:50 02 Feb 24
I passed my driving test a few days ago, and a huge part of my success is due to my wonderful instructor Mr. Abed. Coached me very carefully during lessons which is helping me progress with each lesson. He is very patient, friendly, punctual and honest in his bravery which is helpful in passing my driving. I would definitely recommend driving training from Abed to anyone who wants to take training which will definitely help you pass your driving. After all, I wish Mr. Abed all the success in the future.
Neha BhandariNeha Bhandari
22:08 25 Jan 24
I passed my Driving exam yesterday with the help of my amazing Driving instructor Sara. During my lessons with her she simulated exam like environment every single day which really helped me overcome my nerves during the driving exam and helped me pass with ease. She is very organised, punctual & a patient person. I would definitely recommend her as a reliable driving instructor. I really enjoyed learning from her and want to say Thank you Sara !Also want to give shout out to my first driving instructor Mr Shakib Azizi for the support he provided during my initial driving lessons.

LDA Oxford Reviews - Local Driving Academy