Driving Lessons in Bicester – Automatic and Manual

Whether you want to take regular driving lessons in Bicester in a manual car with gears or you would prefer an automatic driving school in Bicester, we have you covered! Call now on 01865 722 148 or send a message via the Contact Form to send a message or even book online.

Our pass rate is so high because of our approach to learning to drive. This is not like going around town with a parent, this is a proper professional course where you get to understand exactly what the driving examiner expects to see from you on your driving test.

So first of all in your first lesson we are going to go through with you what you need to be able to achieve to pass your driving test and what it takes to be a safe driver. It is a simple formula that you will apply to every driving lesson and every skill you will learn when in the car.

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Automatic Driving Lessons in Bicester. You need to demonstrate you are a safe driver you need a driving instructor in Bicester who is going to show you that, so let’s begin right now.
The examiner doesn’t see safe as keeping within the speed limit, not jumping red lights etc. They are apart of what being a safe driver is, but doesn’t define being a safe driver.

Where you need to be is real clear. First up is all about your attitude to driving, do you want to be safe and are you trying your best? Then you have got to be in control of your car at all times. Also you must be able to spot hazards, avoid them, and adhere to the Highway Code.

That makes perfect sense really, doesn’t it?  So now imagine using that strategy on everything you learn, from moving off, to a reverse park and from turning right at a set of crossroads, to switching lanes on a roundabout. They are all different skills and by applying our strategy you will complete them perfectly.

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