Thinking about learning to drive? Here is what to do next…

If you are thinking about learning to drive in the Oxford area, or indeed any location, here is short guide on what to do next.

Work out how affordable driving lessons are for you:

Think about how you will be paying for your lessons and how much driving lessons cost. How often can you afford to have lessons? It’s also worth thinking about the benefits a driving license will have for you, can it improve your career prospects, save you money on public transport, help you in your personal life. There are many reasons why having a driving license can help you get ahead.

Get a provisional driving licence.

You can apply up to 3 months before you are 17 for a provisional driving license to drive a car, and start learning when you are 17 or more. It will cost £50 and you will need to be a resident of Great Britain and provide your past 3 years addresses, have identification and your National Insurance number if you know it, to find out more and apply its:

Decide when you will take your driving lessons.

What other commitments do you have, whether it’s work or study when will you fit in your lessons, and when is a good time to learn? – when you are not too stressed or tired is best as you will be able to concentrate more and be more open to learning. It’s good to have lessons at different times of the day too to experience day and night driving conditions and varying levels of traffic in your local area.

Find a qualified driving instructor or driving school, talk to them and book your first lesson/s.

If you don’t live in the Oxford area then a search in Google or another search engine for any of the following in your area will help:

  • Driving lessons
  • Learn to drive
  • Affordable driving lessons
  • Local driving school
  • DSA qualified driving Instructors

Don’t forget your driving instructor must be DSA and ADI qualified and registered. Find out more about who can teach you to drive, including the rules if friends or family help you with extra lessons here:

If you are looking for driving lessons in Oxford or the surrounding areas then you need look no further your Oxford Local Driving Academy can help with:

  • Fully qualified, registered instructors who are experienced and patient
  • Lessons available round the clock, seven days a week
  • Great offers and intensive driving courses available
  • Excellent pass rates and extra help with difficult local areas, like roundabouts

Get in touch today for friendly advice and to book your first lesson with Oxford LDA.