Professional Driving Lessons vs Mum and Dad Tuition

As you approach your 17th birthday, applying for a provisional driving license is one of the things you’ll inevitably do. Forget about turning 18 or 21 – the freedom of the world is offered to you with a key to a car once you turn 17. But first you’ll have to pass that all-important driving test.

Dual Controls for Safety and Qualified Oxford Driving Instructors

Having from a professional often makes a learner feel more confident to begin with. If you’ve ever seen your dad give in to road rage or disobey a traffic sign you might not feel quite so confident that they can teach you to drive properly. Furthermore your instructor’s car will have dual controls (an extra clutch and brake pedal on the passenger side) that makes learning to drive much safer. So it’s best to leave it to the professionals – that way you’ll be driving without your L-plates in no time.

Mum or dad might have offered to teach you to drive if they’re particularly brave and don’t mind potentially feeling the wrath of Oxford’s commuters. However, there’s no doubt that a qualified driving instructor will do a much better job of getting you up and running, and ready to meet the examiner’s requirements on test day.

After all, someone with a track record of teaching people to drive and pass their test will be more likely to turn your green license into a pink one. This is partly because the requirements of a driving test can change frequently, putting instructors in the best position to make sure you’re driving the way examiners want you to drive.