Learning to drive Apps – we find some that might help you along…

If you are taking driving lessons right now, revising for your theory test or preparing for your practical driving test an App for your smartphone, iPhone, or tablet might help you along…

For iPhone and iPad from iTunes:

The Official Theory Test Kit for Drivers from iTunes for iPhone or iPad at £4.99

Includes theory test questions and the The Official Highway Code (Nov 2012).

Also available individually:

The Official DSA Theory Test for Car Drivers at £2.99

The Official Highway Code at £3.99

From Google Play for Android:

Driving Theory Test – UK Car

£3.46 by Vialsoft, who also do a FREE version.

This includes a mock test in full exam setup.

UK Driving Theory Test from Webrich Software at £1.99

This includes the official test bank of 970 questions which can be studied by topic, they also do a FREE version.

The AA Theory Test for Car Drivers at £1.99 for Full Version

There is a ton of other learning to drive apps, paid and free versions and of course we recommend using a reputable app site like Google or iTunes and reading reviews first to check for any potential problems and to see which suits you best.