FREE 2 Hours Driving Lessons for Key workers and NHS

Oxford LDA, your experienced and award winning Local Driving Academy who offer cheap driving lessons in Oxford,  would like to say a big thank you to all key workers for their contribution to Oxford during the recent lock-down.

What You can Expect from a driving lesson with Oxford LDA

It doesn’t matter if you have had driving lessons in Oxford before, or if you are a complete newbie, you can still take advantage of our free two hour lessons. Whether you are young or old, prefer automatic driving lessons in Oxford or have had intensive driving lessons in Oxford in the past, if you are a key-worker then our small gesture of thanks is yours to take.

All our driving lessons in Oxford are offered with a professional and experienced instructor and don’t worry if you’re nervous or scared, its our job to put you at ease and give you the confidence to drive and pass your test.

Thank you all once again, for your bravery, your professionalism and the selflessness you’ve all shown and we look forward to giving you your free driving lessons in the near future.

N.B The two hours free will be applied when you book ten hours so you will receive twelve hours for the price of ten. The ten hours will be charged at our usual hourly rate and the offer is valid until December 2020. Only one set of free two hour lessons per key-worker. Terms and Conditions apply – Proof of residency  or work ID will be required.


Lock-down Bravery

To say things have been difficult for everyone over the past few months feels a little bit of an understatement. But some people have literally placed their lives on the line and continued working throughout lock-down to ensure that we have all been able to eat, make essential travel and receive any necessary healthcare. Thousands of workers have shown immense bravery and risked their own lives as they continued to drive our buses and trains, stacked shelves in supermarkets or ensured our elderly loved ones were still given daily personal care and support.  It’s hard to imagine the difficulties they must’ve faced as they attended work every day, knowing their own health was at risk. Many of these workers only earn the minimum wage too, which shows these key-workers didn’t go to work every day for simple financial gain, but because they felt a sense of duty to us all. This is just one of the many reasons that Oxford LDA would like to show a small gesture of thanks to all key-workers and offer all of them in Oxford two hours of driving lessons for free.

The NHS and Healthcare Workers

Working as a doctor, nurse or healthcare assistant is a massive challenge in itself given the struggles faced on a normal daily basis, but imagine dealing with hundreds of people dying, people that you were unable to help because there is currently no cure or vaccine for Covid-19. Many healthcare workers have expressed the emotional turmoil they faced when all they could do was to make sure people didn’t die alone and to keep them as comfortable as possible. These professionals have had to work long hours during the pandemic and cope with nationwide shortages of PPE and other vital equipment. This humbles us all at Oxford LDA and as a big thank you from all of our team, we would like to offer discounted driving lessons for NHS and healthcare workers in Oxford too.

NHS Discounts and Ongoing Driving Lessons

FREE NHS + KEYWORKER Driving Lessons in Oxford. You will receive 12 hours for the price of 10. Only one set of free two hour lessons per key-worker. Terms and Conditions apply – Proof of residency or work ID will be required. The offer is valid until December 2020.

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