Oxford Driving Test Centre Preparations

Preparing to take your test? Here’s what to expect at the Oxford driving test centre.

As you prepare to take your driving road test, you are likely feeling a mix of anticipation, excitement and stress. Many people find that they experience an elevated sense of worry and panic as their driving test date approaches, no matter how well prepared they feel and how skilled they are behind the wheel. Taking driving lessons in Oxford can certainly help, but sometimes you need a little bit more help to feel ready.

While a few jitters are normal as your testing date approaches, as purveyors of cheap driving lessons in Oxford, we want to help you feel in control and ‘in the driver’s seat’ before you take your driving test. Here are some of the key bits of info that you need when it comes to taking your driving test – with this information, you should feel confident, prepared and ready to take on the route.

Oxford Driving Test Centre Tips Instructor LessonsHow long will the test take?

Once you are strapped in (don’t forget to fasten your seatbelt!) and ready to go, the actual duration of the test will usually be between 38 to 40 minutes. This amount of time will give the examiner time to assess your skills, aptitude and prowess behind the wheel.

What kind of routes will I be expected to take?

The examiner will want to see that you are able to smoothly navigate a wide variety of streets and roads, and that you can execute an array of necessary skills as you drive through town. As a result, the test route is always slightly different, but you can expect to be traversing various routes such as the Headington Roundabouts, the Cowley Junction Roundabout, the Rosehill Roundabout, Heyford Hill Roundabout and others.


What kind of manoeuvres will I have to perform?

The examiner will want to see that you have the full command of a wide array of manoeuvres and skills in your vehicle, and that you are able to respond to any kind of situation that might arise on the road. Some of the manoeuvres include parallel parking, turning in the road, reversing around a corner, bay parking and possibly even a controlled stop.

You should be well prepared for any of these manoeuvres, as you will be given no notice or choice over which one you will be expected to perform. Lessons at our driving school in Oxford will ensure that you are more than ready to go.

What is the ‘independent drive’ portion of the test?

Since 2010, those taking a driving test are required to take a 10 minute ‘independent drive.’ This is nothing to stress about, but you should be well prepared. Your examiner will ask you to either follow road signs and markings to a nearby destination, or they might ask you to follow three or four verbal directions coupled with a diagram.

While this section may seem intimidating, it is actually the most intuitive part of the test, as it mimics regular driving.

Tips to pass your driving test the first time

Here are a few simple, common sense tips that can help you to have a successful driving test and come out with your license.

  • Get a restful night of sleep – Arriving tired or scatty will definitely increase your chances of mistakes and failure.
  • Eat a healthy meal – Make sure you eat a nutritious breakfast or lunch, and avoid foods that make you feel tired or logy.
  • Do not drink too much caffeine – While you might feel compelled to ramp up your coffee or tea consumption in order to feel more alert, if you drink more caffeine than usual you will be jittery and shaky – not ideal for a driving test!
  • Take driving lessons – Ultimately, taking driving lessons in Oxford is the best way to get ready for your driving test. Do not skip this vital step.

Where is the Oxford driving test centre?

It is located at James Wolf Road, Cowley, Oxford, OX42PY.

Call now on 01865 722 148 or send a message via the Contact Form online and schedule in your driving lessons today!