September 2016 Offer for Driving Lessons in Oxford

September is a time of change for many people –  a new school or college, attending or returning to university.  For others it is just a time when one period ends and another starts, the time when the summer is coming to an end.  For these and many more reasons, September is a popular time to learn to drive and this is why Oxford LDA have created two special offers for the month.

Getting started with learning to drive

One of the hardest things to do when you want to learn to drive is taking that first step, booking that first lesson and getting behind the wheel of the car.  We know this can be a bit scary or sometimes we just seem to have such busy lives that we don’t have time to fit it in.  But once you learn to drive, you will never look back!
To help entice you to start your driving lesson experience, Oxford LDA are offering a special offer for the price of your first driving lesson – just £25!  This means for the cost of a couple of DVDs or a new computer game, you can make that big step, book your first lesson and experience the thrill of driving for the first time.

Motorway Free Lesson – Extra Special Offer for 30 Hours

A big part of driving around Oxford and across the country is using the motorway network.  But this isn’t covered as part of normal driving lessons and isn’t a part of your driving test.  However, more and more people are asking for lessons on the motorway to help them prepare for when they can drive on these roads on their own.

This inspired Oxford LDA’s second September special offer – we will give you a free motorway lesson when you book 30 hours’ worth of lessons from us.  This means you get the extra experience of motorway driving while still with a qualified instructor.  And once you have finished your lessons and passed your test, you will be better prepared to drive on any type of road, anywhere in the UK.

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Learning to drive in Oxford with a dual controlled car

Once you have made that first step and booked your driving lesson then you will quickly want more.  LDA offer a number of options to help you learn to drive at the pace that suits you and your schedule.  As DSA qualified instructors we can offer safe and effective lessons in a dual controlled car that means you never need to stress, feel out of control or nervous when behind the wheel.

Perhaps you have an automatic car at home and only plan to drive that style of car going forward?  In that case, you can opt for Automatic Driving Lessons, where you learn exclusive in an automatic vehicle and take your test based on this type of car.

After having that first taste of driving with your special offer lesson, you may find you want to dive into it full on.  LDA’s Intensive Driving Courses are perfect if you want to throw yourself into driving and get through your driving test as quickly as possible.

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