Watch out when booking a driving theory test or booking a driving test, the DSA warns…

The DSA (Driving Standards Agency) has warned those learning to drive to be careful of copycat websites offering to book driving theory tests and practical driving tests which can look like the real DSA but will charge a premium for their services.

Some websites have also been offering a “pass protection” or a free re-test that users would never actually qualify for. These are websites offering a booking service only too and are not actually DSA qualified instructors or driving schools.

There is no need to use the services of these websites who are just trying to cash in and what is already an expensive enough life skill.

To book a driving theory test it should cost you £31 and you should book at

To book a practical driving test it should cost you £62 and you should book at

The official pages to book and find answers to any questions are all found via

The DSA have already taken action via Trading Standards and these scam sites are heading for trouble with one already having been fined £85,000 by the premium phone charge regulators.
If you think you have used the wrong site and overpaid when booking a driving or theory test online the DSA advises you to gain advice from the Citizens Advice Bureau

If you are learning to drive in Oxford with LDA then your DSA qualified instructor will be happy to advise you at any stage of learning, or booking driving or theory tests in Oxford.

If you book an intensive driving course in Oxford with LDA of 30 hours at £699 we will book and pay for your practical test.

Get in touch today for intensive driving lessons, regular driving lessons, refresher or automatic driving courses with an established, trustworthy, DSA approved driving school.